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  • Creative Services

    I write screenplays, I create music,
    and I name new products and companies

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    I write screenplays.

    I've written eight feature spec screenplays. If you'd like to read one, I'd be happy to send you a pdf. Loglines and posters (like this one, by my wife www.cbrownsf@gmail.com) available on request.

    And now you can read ALL of my Feature spec script loglines below. Also noted are the various awards the scripts have won.

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    I create music.

    For soundtracks for films, TV, games, or installations. Let me know what kind of thing you need!

    My SoundCloud page: here

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    I name stuff.

    My actual day job at the moment (and for the past 25 years) is Name Consultant and Freelance Namer. I create brand names for new companies and products for clients worldwide.

    See more at https://markgunnion.com/

  • Screenplays

    All-Original IP, all available now for sale or option.
    And I got ten more treatments ready for development.


    (Action / Romance)

    When President Rosa Cortez's secret Camp David peace summit is taken hostage by brutal commandos, her scandalous ex-Jock husband Will slips through the cracks. As war hero Rosa fights back from within, they must find a way to save each other, the Chinese President - and their marriage!

    THE FIRST GENTLEMAN won the Grand Prize at the 23rd Annual Fade-In Action Screenwriting Awards, and it was an Official Selection at the 15th Annual "Action On Film" MegaFest in Las Vegas. It scored an 8.2 in the first found at Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition. It was also named a Semi-Finalist at StoryPros Screenwriting Competition.



    (Action / Comedy)

    An eccentric musician recruits his old band to help steal a legendary guitar, unaware that competing military teams from Russia and the US Air Force - both trying to avert WWIII - are after his bass-player's rare, vintage gear.


    PLAY THE FOOL won “Best Comedy” three times. It won Best Comedy in the 2018 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition (and heck, it was a Semi-Finalist in the Action genre, and a Spotlight Award Finalist for Best Dialogue). It also won The Green-Light Award as the "Best Comedy” at the Die Laughing Film Festival in L.A. And it won the Gold Award (Best Comedy) at the World Series of Screenwriting. It came in 3rd Place Overall at the Nevada International Film Festival, and it won the Gold Prize (2nd Place) for Comedy at the Hollywood Screenplay Contest. It was nominated for Best Screenplay (one of 6) at the Hollywood Independent Film Festival. It was a Finalist at the Story Pros International Screenplay Contest.





    (Crime Thriller / Action)

    A bottoming-out Chicago bartender is the sole survivor of a botched gangland ripoff, and he skates with a cool two million. But his Florida beach-bum reboot is disrupted when the burned gangster’s "widow" shows up, looking for her piece of the action.

    CHEAP ACTION was in the Top 20% of entries at the Academy Nicholl contest this year. It was recently named a Finalist at the Boobs and Blood International Film Festival (All-Female Jury!). It was a Quarter-Finalist at the Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition. It was an Official Selection at the 15th Annual "Action On Film" MegaFest in Las Vegas, where all three of my entries were made Official Selections that year.



    (Thriller / Musical)

    Liz strangles musicians with guitar strings. Zero runs an Open Mike night. When she comes to his show, hunting for new prey, Zero is “volunteered” by a shattered FBI vet to help ID her, unravel her motive, and stop her - before he becomes her next victim.


    KAMELEON was an Official Selection and Nominee for Best Screenplay at the last Los Angeles Neo Noir Film Festival. It was a Quarter-Finalist in Final Draft’s Big Break screenplay competition, and a Quarter-Finalist at Scriptapalooza. It was an Official Selection at the Los Angeles Theater Festival. It's currently in the Top Ten Urban Screenplays at MovieBytes' WinningScripts rankings.


    (Sci-Fi / Action)

    After a fracking drill bit destroys its hidden, underwater hatchery, a vengeful river monster in South Texas goes on a rampage against the machines and people threatening it - and an oil company scuba diver must risk everything to save his boss when she’s snatched off her fracking rig by the beast.


    FRAX was a Semi-Finalist at the FilmQuest Screenplay Contest last year, and a Semi-Finalist at the GenreBlast Screenplay Contest. It was just named an Official Selection at the Famous Monsters of Filmland Silver Scream Film Festival, and was also an Official Selection at the Madhouse Movies Film Festival. It was a Quarter-Finalist at the ScreenCraft Action Screenplay Contest in 2015. It also just cracked the Top Ten Sci-Fi Screenplays at MovieBytes’ WinningScripts Contest.


    (Adventure / Fantasy)

    When their quiet fishing village is attacked by Viking marauders, the scattered members of one Scottish family must fight for survival. To save the survivors, the spirited teenage daughter and her crafty little brother will risk their lives to summon the village's ancient guardian from its exile - at the far end of Loch Ness.


    THE SWORD AND THE SERPENT was an Official Selection and finalist at the inaugural Famous Monsters of Filmland Silver Scream Film Festival in Santa Rosa. Later in the year, the script was named an Official Selection again, one of the Top Nine finalists, at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival in New York. It was also an Official Selection at the Madhouse Movies Film festival. It's currently a Finalist at the GenreBlast Film Festival, where it's nominated for Best Screenplay.


    (Sci-Fi / Adventure)

    After the Earth stops turning, the US President’s daughter fights to get her husband, a Chinese geophysicist in Beijing, across the Nightside’s empty Pacific ocean bed and the chaotic, sun-burned Dayside America to get to Washington - with a plan to save the world. But crossing half the planet is easy compared to convincing her father to unleash America’s arsenal.


    NIGHTBREAK was a Quarter-FInalist at the 2017 PAGE International Screenwriting Competition, and it was the 1st Runner-Up (Second Place) at the recent Fantastic Planet Film Festival in Sydney, Australia; It was a Semi-Finalist at the recent Story Pros Screenplay Contest (Top 25 in Sci-Fi/Horror), and it won the Gold Award at the California Film Awards. It was a Semi-Finalist at the Other Worlds Austin Film Festival, and was a Quarter-Finalist at the 2016 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest. It’s currently in the Top Ten Sci-Fi Screenplays and the Top Ten Fantasy Screenplays at the MovieBytes’ WinningScripts competition.



    Screenplay Awards

    All of my scripts have gotten some love in various screenwriting contests:

    --------------> 7 Scripts, 43 Awards so far:

    GRAND PRIZE WINNER (Action/Drama Contest) 1



    BEST COMEDY 3 times

    OFFICIAL SELECTION 17 Film Festivals/4 Scripts

    other awards:

    1st RUNNER-UP - 1


    GOLD PRIZE (#2 Comedy) 1

    GOLD AWARD (Top 5%) 1

    FINALIST - 4 times

    In May 2019, PLAY THE FOOL was named an Official Selection at the 15th Annual "Action On Film" MegaFest in Las Vegas. In 2018, it was an Official Selection or Nominee for Best Screenplay at eleven events, including at the Windy City International Film Festival, the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival, the Houston Comedy Film Festival, the Sacramento International Film Festival, the Alaska International Film Awards, and the Iron Dragon Action Fest. It’s currently in the Top Ten Comedy scripts, the Top Ten Action-Adventure scripts, and the Top Ten Romantic-Comedy scripts at the MovieBytes WinningScripts rankings.



    (Action / Comedy)


    In 1970s Indianapolis, a 2nd-generation hot rodder finagles a way to stay out of the Army (and the County Jail) so he can keep racing - but an obsessed lawman is determined to punish him for all his family’s crimes.

    THE CHECKERED was a Finalist and Official Selection at the Die Laughing Film Festival this year. It was a Semi-Finalist at the Filmmatic Comedy Film Festival, and a Semi-Finalist at Story Pros International Screenplay Competition.


    and now available, my very first "Short" script:



    (Dark Comedy)

    In a small dining room at some future White House, the legacy of COVID19 lingers in a horrifying fashion.

    This month, THE STEWARD was named The WINNER for the BEST DARK COMEDY Screenplay at the 2020 Oregon Short Film Festival.

    It was also recently named an Official Selection at the Houston Comedy Film Festival, as well as at the Screaming Ostrich International Film Festival, and was a Finalist at the Midwest Weirdfest.


  • Get In Touch!


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    Mark Gunnion

    Screenwriter / Namer / Musician

    I have a BS in Speech with a Major in Film from Northwestern, my old band was once played on Dr. Demento, I live with my wife and cats in Coquille, Oregon.
    If you'd like to hear more about my product and business Naming Services, please go to www.Gunnion.com

  • My Screenwriting Laurels

    from the last few years

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    I named my Screenwriting Services page 500 Haiku because that's what I think Hollywood would call The Perfect Screenplay these days: 100 pages with 5 Haiku per page. I'm not QUITE there yet, but I'm working on it.



    markgunnion@gmail.com / (541) 824-1506 / PO Box 186, Coquille, OR 97423





    I've got a lot of day-job coming up this week, but I wanted to get some screenwriting news out there:


    Found out this week that the second “Short” script I ever wrote, THE STEWARD, just won the BEST DARK COMEDY award at the Oregon Short Film Festival. Woo-Hoo!


    Also learned that the same script is an Official Selection at the Portland Comedy Film Festival.


    While I’m reviving several web sites that I’ve established (and then neglected) over the years, I'm also going to be working on my SEO and overall Day-Job (and Screenwriting) promotion.


    So, if you find me by one of these outlying websites, please let me know. I’m very interested in what ends up getting before people’s eyes. That’s the whole game now, isn’t it?


    ~ Mark


    MarkGunnion@gmail.com / 541-824-1506

    www.Gunnion.com / https://markgunnion.com







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